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Location: Hall of Public Records
For: Anyone

*has been working part time as a barista in some Opharan coffee shop* *finally gets sick of that being the only thing he's doing* *has been bugging Jack on a regular basis to let him help with something*

Mickey: *goes and knocks on Jack's door at some point when he's around the apartments*

Jack: *opens the door with his shirt unbuttoned and a bowl of whipped cream in hand, a big smile on his face* *smile fades quickly when he sees Mickey* You again.

Mickey: *scowls* Yeah, me again. *pushes his way into the apartment, turning on Jack, and shakes his finger at him* You're trying to set up Torchwood again, yeah?

Jack: *puts his whipped cream aside and does up a couple buttons on his shirt before answering* Yes.

Mickey: *was hoping for more of an answer than that* Well.. uh.. you need people to help you. I can help.

Jack: *has a moment of 'I remember having this conversation before'* Mickey, I've already told you. When I need help with something, I'll ask for it. I know you're used to a much bigger organization, but this is my Torchwood. It's only four more people because for a very long time, that's all I needed. And those four work well together. You can't just expect to be put on a core team because you've done it in another location. Besides, it's a little hard to check your CV when it only exists in a parallel dimension.

Mickey: *pouts* What can I do, then?

Jack: You have to earn it.

Mickey: *dryly* I got that, yeah. What can I do?

Jack: *looks pensive for a moment then eyes Mickey's clothing*

Mickey: *realizes he's forgotten to take off his barista apron and pulls it off hurriedly*

Jack: *big! winning! smile!* There's a coffee machine in the kitchen.

Mickey: *is! not! gay! REALLY! and therefore immune to the smile* *denial* *tries to remember where the rest of his vocabulary went* No! I'm not going to make you coffee, I've been on the front lines in the fight against the Cybermen in my world and fought Daleks and Slitheen. You've been there, we've fought together. I've helped the Doctor loads of times. *gives Jack a look* Don't be an ass, Jack.

Jack: *amused* Fine. *goes to his office and picks up a couple of sheafs of paper, giving them to Mickey* Go to the Hall of Public Records and... Do you know anything about architecture?

Mickey: *looks blank*

Jack: *grumble* Go get all the physical evidence that this building ever existed and bring it back here. Did I give you your security clearance?

Mickey: *nods* Yes Sir. *grin!*

Jack: *gives him a 'don't fuck up' look and sends him on his way*

*is rummaging through old records* *realized about halfway to the Hall that he'd been given busy work and is a bit peeved about that, but is determined to do a good job*
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