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Jul. 2nd, 2008

Location: An arcade
For: Anyone

*is playing Mortal Kombat some fighting game with a four armed alien and winning* *feels like he wins at life!*
Location: A coffee shop
For: Anyone

*is only paying attention to his laptop again, reading up on government websites*

May. 28th, 2008

Location: Ophara, the Park
For: Anyone

*has been quiet for most of his time working at the Hub* *is taking a break from going over the laws and is poking around in the depths of the computer in fascination* *has taken his laptop out into the Park and is poking around in the files curiously*
Location: Hall of Public Records
For: Anyone

*has been working part time as a barista in some Opharan coffee shop* *finally gets sick of that being the only thing he's doing* *has been bugging Jack on a regular basis to let him help with something*

Mickey gets an assignment!Collapse )

*is rummaging through old records* *realized about halfway to the Hall that he'd been given busy work and is a bit peeved about that, but is determined to do a good job*
Location: Ten's TARDIS
For: Anyone

*has gone out, gathered a bunch of applications from places that look pretty close to earth type jobs* *chews on the back of his pen, trying to figure out how to phrase 'Totally Awesome Undergound Fighter' in a way that would sound better on an application*
Location: Ophara - then Pete's World - then Ophara again
For: Anybody

*is walking along, minding his own business and sort of... flashes out of existance* *appears mere moments later, dressed completely different and looking dazed but very excited* I'm back! *goes running off down the street*


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